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Sunny Leone delivers a minute long monologue in support of live-in relationships – watch exclusive video

Sunny Leone made some really surprising revelations during an exclusive Never Have I Ever segment with CineBlitz!

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sunny leone monologue live in relationships exclusive interview

Sunny Leone is one of the most fun and entertaining actresses we know. Having interviewed her on numerous occasions, I knew that she speaks her heart out and is unfiltered always. So when we sat down for an interview for the grand finale of Zee5’s Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, I knew she would not come with inhibitions. What followed was 30 minutes of an epic interview where she spoke about life, her webseries and much more. But it was her one minute long monologue in support of live-in relationships that really impressed us!

During a segment of Never Have I Ever, we asked Sunny Leone about a lot of things. From if she has ever cheated in an exam to lying and getting caught, the actress opened up about a lot of things. But when we asked her if she has been in a live-in relationship or not, she spoke about the topic like never before. Sunny Leone told us exclusively, “I have had a live in relationship. I am American, it is very normal, it is not that crazy everybody. You should live in relationship.” After this, she delivered a one minute monologue on why people should be in live in relationships, especially women.

Check out our Never Have I Ever segment with Sunny Leone in the exclusive interview right here:

Apart from the monologue, Sunny Leone also revealed to us how she recently gatecrashed a wedding during Rangeela. She even mentioned how she has not liked a film, but still praised it. In fact, she said, “Who hasn’t it?” Sunny also made some interesting revelations about laughing out loud when she shouldn’t have! But what did you guys and girls think about her monologue? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more Bollywood news, updates and gossip!

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Exclusive Interviews

Rasika Dugal reveals an interesting connection between her first gadget and her boyfriend!

In an exclusive interview, Rasika Dugal also revealed how she has never got her heart broken, but she has been quite the heart-breaker!

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Rasika Dugal

Rasika Dugal is riding high on the critical acclaim that she has garnered for her roles in Hamid as well as the web series, Delhi Crime. The Mirzapur actress has played several, diverse and intriguing roles over the last decade. However, as she takes a slight break from work, we caught up with the actress and played some fun games. And during one such game, she told us an interesting connection between her first gadget and her boyfriend. In fact, she even told us that she has never had her heart broken, but she’s quite the heart-breaker.

Check out Rasika Dugal’s surprising revelations in our exclusive interview right here:

In our game of ‘All Her Firsts’, Rasika Dugal opened up about her first job as a research assistant, her first pay cheque, her first date at the age of 16, among others. She also mentioned how Sridevi is her first memory of Bollywood and how she was very nervous during her first audition. Check out all her revelations and much more in the video above! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more such interesting interviews right her

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Exclusive Interviews

Varun Sharma reveals why he chose Bollywood Buzzinga for his web debut

In an exclusive chat with CineBlitz, Varun Sharma talks about his quiz show Bollywood Buzzinga

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Varun Sharma who made his debut with Fukrey has come a long way in his career. The actor has been a part of films like Dilwale and Fukrey Returns, among others. His comic timing has won him fans across. And now, he’s ready to take on another role as a quiz master! Yes, the actor is making his web debut with the quiz show Bollywood Buzzinga. The Arjun Patiala actor sat down for an exclusive chat with CineBlitz to talk about his show, his Bollywood journey and a lot more. Check out the video right here:

From his love for Bollywood to his journey of being a casting intern to a known actor, Varun Sharma spills the beans on everything candidly. He even reveals that his show will have guests like Nora Fatehi, Prachi Desai, Maanvi Gagroo to name a few and told us his favourite episode of the series as well. Talking about his Bollywood projects, Arjun Patiala, Chhichhore and Rooh-Afza, the actor expressed his happiness and excitement for the three films.

The quiz show is streaming on MX Player since May 4 and has garnered a lot of appreciation as well. The actor will soon start the shoot for the horror comedy Rooh-Afza along with Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor as well. Stay tuned to CineBlitz for more such exclusive content.

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Exclusive Interviews

Student Of The Year 2: Director Punit Malhotra reviews Ananya Panday and Tara Sutaria’s acting skills

In an exclusive interview with CineBlitz , Punit Malhotra reveals his experience of working with a young cast including two new actresses

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Punit Malhotra

Young directors in Indian cinema have been trying hard to bring forth the youth perspective in the films they make. While some take the offbeat route, many rely on the tried-and-tested commercial formula. Joining this list is director Punit Malhotra, who is all set for the release of his big Bollywood film Student Of The Year 2 which stars Tiger Shroff in the lead with newbies Anaya Panday and Tara Sutaria. Taking the franchise forward originally started by Karan Johar himself is obviously a task and certainly takes a lot of courage. In a candid conversation with CineBlitz, Punit exclusively spoke about the pressure, how he dealt with it and what went into the making of SOTY 2.

Were you under a lot of pressure to take forward the franchise started by Karan Johar?

It was Karan’s franchise so he was doubly sure that he wants to get it right. I had to be doubly vigilant because of that but he was very gracious during the process with me. When someone puts so much faith in you, you have to put your best foot forward to not let them down. So, there was a lot of pressure, in addition, you are now I was suddenly working with a superstar and then there were two new girls. So, in a way, all these things came together.

Coming to that, Tiger is already very popular and the girls are new. So how did that fall into place?

This is a different film altogether. I had faced a lot of challenges in my earlier films but I didn’t expect it to be as big as it eventually became with this one. But these are the things that I realised while making the film. With the new girls and things like that, I think I just went with the flow. The way to do it was just disconnecting from all the pressure and just get down and concentrate on work. So that was the approach.

Did you have workshops with the cast? How was the preparation?

Yes, we began with Ananya and Tara for dance, diction and action workshops. The advantage I had is that Tiger does a lot of rehearsals. So he would call and say I want to rehearse. Between the three of them, we had innumerable workshops. Every day before a scene, we would read it 20 times and of course, we prepped in advance too. So, I think because of all this, the camaraderie that formed made everything go very smooth.

Tara and Ananya are already famous even before the film has released. So how was it on the sets?

The thing is that I have seen the whole journey with these girls, from no one recognising them to all the way them getting mobbed. There were also days when only Tiger was getting mobbed and the girls were standing in a corner, no one knew them. Now they have so many followers on social media. So the whole journey has been a circle with them and it feels nice that they are getting famous and people are recognising them. You can see that they are happy about it. We trained them hard and we never distinguished them as new comers. And full credit to Tiger who never treated them as new comers. They had a treatment like they were the stars. So all of that is now actually paying off, and that is very exciting to see.

So did you go back to shoot in the same school?

I had another school in mind. This was Karan’s idea as to why don’t we give a hint about the earlier students because it will give the audience some kind of nostalgia. It is completely different from the earlier film; the only common thread between the two films is that it is the same building, same school. Apart from that, it is a completely different story.

You belong to Karan’s school of cinema but what is your signature style? 

I would like to say that the ground is Karan’s school of cinema but there is also a little bit of me in the school.

Did the stardom of the three actors’ come in your way?

What happened with us is that we all are of a certain age bracket. I think even Tiger was shooting with a younger director for the first time, so it was a very young crew. There were no egos, if I made a mistake, they would come to me and tell me it is not happening. When they were faltering, I would go ahead and tell them. So the stardom and fame were separate and this was about us and it became like a bunch of friends chilling together and working. All the three – Tara, Ananya and Tiger are far friendlier to my crew than I am.

How do you rate the two actresses?

I think Tara is far more trained as an actor. She has some experience; she is more of a method actor. If you ask her to cry, she gets into the zone and she cries. Ananya is far more spontaneous and I think that is the difference. When you see Ananya, she is far more chilled out and I think it is just about the different approaches.

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