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Sunny Leone delivers a minute long monologue in support of live-in relationships – watch exclusive video

Sunny Leone made some really surprising revelations during an exclusive Never Have I Ever segment with CineBlitz!



sunny leone monologue live in relationships exclusive interview

Sunny Leone is one of the most fun and entertaining actresses we know. Having interviewed her on numerous occasions, I knew that she speaks her heart out and is unfiltered always. So when we sat down for an interview for the grand finale of Zee5’s Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, I knew she would not come with inhibitions. What followed was 30 minutes of an epic interview where she spoke about life, her webseries and much more. But it was her one minute long monologue in support of live-in relationships that really impressed us!

During a segment of Never Have I Ever, we asked Sunny Leone about a lot of things. From if she has ever cheated in an exam to lying and getting caught, the actress opened up about a lot of things. But when we asked her if she has been in a live-in relationship or not, she spoke about the topic like never before. Sunny Leone told us exclusively, “I have had a live in relationship. I am American, it is very normal, it is not that crazy everybody. You should live in relationship.” After this, she delivered a one minute monologue on why people should be in live in relationships, especially women.

Check out our Never Have I Ever segment with Sunny Leone in the exclusive interview right here:

Apart from the monologue, Sunny Leone also revealed to us how she recently gatecrashed a wedding during Rangeela. She even mentioned how she has not liked a film, but still praised it. In fact, she said, “Who hasn’t it?” Sunny also made some interesting revelations about laughing out loud when she shouldn’t have! But what did you guys and girls think about her monologue? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below! Also stay tuned to CineBlitz for more Bollywood news, updates and gossip!