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International Women’s Day! Piku, Bandit Queen, Raazi – 7 powerful female characters of Bollywood

International Women’s Day: Deepika Padukone from Piku, Vidya Balan from Begum Jaan and Alia Bhatt from Raazi – here’s our tribute to all the inspiring female characters that Bollywood gave us

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‘A strong-minded woman is a different animal,’ said Meryl Streep. And time and again, the women working in the film industry have proved what one can achieve with hard work, persistence, and caliber. Indian cinema has come a long way from not allowing women to act in films to now, women getting appreciation all over the globe for what they bring to the table. Specifically, Hindi cinema has been a highly male-dominated milieu. While our film industry is still majorly run by men, a few rays of hope have emerged in the form of female-led films that have given us some inspiring women characters to root for. We salute all the actresses, directors and most importantly, the writers for writing and creating characters that aren’t damsels in distress but saviors who know how to protect themselves. Today, we at Cine Blitz, celebrate Women’s Day and revisit the female characters that were not just strong and fiery, but have inspired a generation of women to live lives on their own terms.

Phoolan Devi aka Bandit Queen (Bandit Queen):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 1

Yes, she was a bandit, a dacoit and some may even brand her as a criminal. But what led her to become a rebel was far more brutal that one could ever imagine. The film showed one of the boldest avatars of women ever portrayed on the celluloid. Though you are not supposed to be inspired by a bandit, the film taught every woman that if you decide to step up and claim what’s yours, no one can pull you down.

Shivani Shivaji Roy (Mardaani):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 2
First of all, let’s take a moment and appreciate Rani Mukherjee for playing strong parts right from her very first film and not just being a dainty wallflower. Shivani was a cop that every police department needs to have. She stood against the evil and busted a horrible human-trafficking racket. Shivani will always be etched in our minds as a synonym for bravery.

Piku (Piku):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 3
Piku is all of us but on the big screen. Regardless of gender, many of us could see ourselves in the way Deepika Padukone played Piku. Her father lived in his own world and Piku accepted it and being a part of it so that he doesn’t feel alone. In a quiet, unassuming way, Piku showed us that she was the head of the family. She made her baba the centre of her world and shaped her life accordingly. Yes, she had flaws. But are we even humans if we have no flaws. Piku is one of the most humane characters to have ever depicted in Hindi cinema.

Sehmat (Raazi):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 5
Watan ke aage kuch nahi, khud bhi nahi.
She put her life, her family and everything at stake for the sake of our nation. Sehmat had to make numerous sacrifices at each step and she did that for the love for her country. Her marriage was a part of a covert mission, but she never complained. She saw her husband die in front of her but she was helpless, as duty comes first. How can a lady, who saved our navy men from a deadly attack, not be our inspiration? Sehmat will always have a special place in our hearts.

Abha Mathur (Jai Gangaajal):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 3
Abha Mathur was everything that a male super cop has been in Hindi films over the years. It was refreshing to see a female role written with the same swagger and style reserved for a male star. Breaking the stereotype of a male cop stuck in a corrupt village set up, Abha turned the table around and showed us that there is nothing she can’t do that a guy can do. Coming from the director Prakash Jha, known for creating gritty heroes, we are happy that he sketched an equally heroic part for a woman as well.

Begum Jaan (Begum Jaan):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 6
It wasn’t just the division of India into two countries but it was also her house that was being divided. Though Begum Jaan was the head of a brothel, she was voicing the sentiments of a huge population of people and what they felt when their lives were suddenly devastated during the partition. Begum Jaan and her girls walking into the fire and not dying in the hands of enemies was a victory in itself.

Aisha Sangha (Dil Dhadakne Do):

bollywood inspiration women charaters 7
What problems do rich people have? Who can stop a rich woman from doing anything she wants? PATRIARCHY. When Aisha told her in-laws and parents that she is unhappy in her marriage and wants divorce, their reply was baccha paida karlo, thik ho jaega. But kudos to Aisha for not becoming another victim of patriarchy. She freed herself from the metaphorical cage that society had put her in. Aisha, you win girl!
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Box Office

Critically acclaimed films that showcase the process of film-making through their own film. Check out!

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Films about film-making

Some projects are created in a way, that is not just beautiful but also, artistically thought provoking with their concept. Ever wondered what goes behind those perfect camera shots? Well, an entire army of talented people and if you want to watch the process of film-making in a film, captured intrinsically as well as having critical acclaim to its credit then these are the top picks for you.


The Nitin Kakkar directorial celebrates the power of cinema. It’s not a dull moment in the entire film and mixing genres by giving the perfect Bollywood film, this isn’t worth a miss. The story is about how Sunny is taken hostage by a group of extremists who think they have bagged a member of the American media. Comparing his camera equipment with his abductors’ guns, the ebullient Sunny tries to highlight the similarities in their professions. “You shoot; we also shoot,” he explains. “You use magazines; so do we.”

Halal Love Story

The upcoming offering of Amazon has been making headlines since its announcement and by the promising trailer and starcast, this one’s not worth a miss! This will make you laugh until your belly hurts and show you some great unseen aspects of film making too. The Malayalam movie also shows the different hurdles in the path and how to overcome them and much more. The film will release on October 15th exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Harishchandrachi Factory

This Marathi film is a classic and not to be missed out on. The film is India’s official entry for the Oscar’s foreign language film competition. Harishchandrachi Factory” is a complete delight. The film tells the story of Dadasaheb Phalke, often referred to as the father of Indian cinema, and how he came to make the first Indian film in 1913.

Luck by Chance

This is once again a classic which has showcased a lot of unseen aspects back in the day and how along with hardwork, luck also matters. The film was Zoya Akhtar’s directorial debut and worked great at the box office. We rarely have a realistic, entertaining film about a film industry and this one’s surely in the list of having one.

These timeless classics have made it special in the pages of history and are a must watch for everyone to learn much more about film making and the various aspects. This list is your go to when you are looking for quality cinema and an artistic eye!

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Kabir Singh, Uri, Bharat – the top 10 highest grossing Bollywood films of the first half of 2019

Which was the highest grossing Bollywood film of the first half of 2019? Find out!

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Shahid Kapoor in a still from Kabir Singh, Vicky Kaushal in a still from Uri: The Surgical Strike and Salman Khan in a still from Bharat. Pic courtesy: Instagram

Bollywood took a brilliant start to 2019 with back to back massive hits in the first three months. The first quarter was really fantastic with massive hits like Uri: The Surgical, Total Dhamaal, Kesari, Gully Boy and so on! The second quarter, on the other hand, did see some disappointments like Kalank, Student of the Year 2 and India’s Most Wanted. Things did slow down at the ticket window and the trade was worried. But Bollywood bounced back with back to back blockbusters – Bharat and Kabir Singh. And with that the Hindi film industry ended the first half of 2019 with a bang. But which is the highest grossing film of 2019 till now?

Well, with Kabir Singh continuing its box office run and with it estimated to earn a lifetime collection of Rs 250 crore, it is going to be the highest grossing film of the first half of 2019. Uri: The Surgical Strike and Bharat follow suit and complete the top 3 highest grossing films of the first half of 2019. Kesari, Total Dhamaal, Gully Boy, De De Pyaar De, Luka Chuppi, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi and Badla follow suit and complete the top 10 list.

Check out the list of top 10 highest grossing Bollywood films of the first half of 2019 right here:

Sr. NoActorBox office collection (in Rs crore)
1Kabir Singh250*
2Uri: The Surgical Strike245
5Total Dhamaal155
6Gully Boy140
7De De Pyaar De105
8Luka Chuppi95
9Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi90

If you look at the collections, the top 10 itself have collected Rs 1280 crore at the box office. If we add the collection of the other 50 odd releases over the past six months, you will realise that Bollywood has collected nearly Rs 1750 crore at the box office in the first half of 2019. This is a very decent amount! With several massive films coming up in the second half, we are quite excited to see how it pans out for Bollywood in 2019. In the meantime, stay tuned to CineBlitz for more Bollywood news, updates and gossip right here.

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Kiara Advani, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif – the top 10 highest grossing actresses of the first half of 2019

Who is the highest grossing actress of the first half of 2019? Find out right here!

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Kiara Advani, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif. Pic courtesy: Instagram

Madhuri Dixit, Alia Bhatt and Parineeti Chopra dominated the first quarter of 2019 amongst the actresses. And while the second quarter saw a few disappointments in terms of films, Bharat and Kabir Singh changed it around. With that Bollywood ended the first half of 2019 on a high! But have these three actresses been displaced from their positions? Yes, they are! So who is the highest grossing Bollywood actress of the first half of 2019? Read on to find out!

Kiara Advani’s Kabir Singh has set the box office on fire ever since it released on June 21. With the movie set to rake in Rs 250 crore in its lifetime run, Kiara Advani will be the highest grossing actress of the first half of 2019. Madhuri Dixit (Total Dhamaal, Kalank) and Alia Bhatt (Gully Boy, Kalank) complete the top 3, consolidating their position from the first quarter with the release of Kalank. Katrina Kaif (Bharat), Parineeti Chopra (Kesari), Rakul Preet Singh (De De Pyaar De), Kriti Sanon (Luka Chuppi), Taapsee Pannu (Badla, Game Over), Kangana Ranaut (Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi) and Ananya Panday (Student of the Year 2) follow suit and complete the top 10 list!

Check out the list of top 10 highest grossing actresses of the first half of 2019 right here:

Sr. NoActressBox office collection (in Rs crore)
1Kiara Advani250*
2Madhuri Dixit235
3Alia Bhatt220
4Katrina Kaif210
5Parineeti Chopra150
6Rakul Preet Singh110
7Kriti Sanon95
8Taapsee Pannu94
9Kangana Ranaut90
10Ananya Panday70

With Parineeti Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Kriti Sanon, Tapsee Pannu, Rakul Preet Singh having releases in the second half of 2019, we are sure they will consolidate on their positions. We will also see a few new entrants in the list in the second half too, with Shraddha Kapoor, Sonakshi Singh, Bhumi Pednekar having a couple of releases each! In the meantime, stay tuned to CineBlitz as we get you all the news, updates and gossip from the world of Bollywood right here.

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