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Ghost Review: Wry thriller!

Shiva Raaj Kumar starrer film is running in theatres.





Director- M.G. Srinivas

Cast- Shiva Raaj Kumar, Jayaram, Anupam Kher and Prashant Narayanan

Platform of Release- Theatres


By Jyothi Venkatesh

The movie revolves around Shivarajkumar and Jayaram with them passing the baton between each other about being right and wrong. Dalavayi Muddanna alias “Big Daddy” alias Anand Rao Ghost (Shivarajkumar) infiltrates the prison on a particular day and holds the prisoners hostage. His target, however, is corrupt ex CBI officer Vamana (Prashanth Narayan). As a situation-saving measure, the efficient police officer Chengappa (Jayaram) is immediately deputed to solve the issue.

Like Jawaan, this film also boasts of a story about a man who infiltrates a prison with the mission to bring a corrupt and evil man to justice with the help of a few prison inmates. Set in a prison, the entirety of the film revolves around the cat and mouse chase between a ruthless police officer and a near perfect criminal who has infiltrated the prison.

To put it in a nutshell, I can say that Ghost is Shivarajkumar’s one-man show right from the time it starts till the end. It is a big treat for all the fans of Shivaraajkumar but the flipside is that the movie takes place in 48 hours, and abides by the tried and tested gold-heist, action-thriller genre template.

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As far as the performances are concerned, it can be easily said that Jayaram manages to make the audience chuckle with his own inimitable kind of sarcasm.  Anupam Kher’s cameo as Anand Rao’s father also is worth mentioning. Prashanth Narayan puts up a cold blooded performance as a baddie.

Though there is no scope for songs in the film, Arjun Janya’s background score lifts the mood and adds to the mood of the film to a great extent. The biggest problem with the film is that there is no entertainment or relief almost throughout the length and breadth of the film. The director, who seems to be a self-appointed fan of Shivaraaj Kumar, fails to put together a smooth screenplay in this heist thriller.

Mahendra Simha’s camera work does leave an impact despite having a limited scope to explore. The dubbing in Hindi of this wry thriller leaves a lot to be desired and by the time the film draws to its conclusion and you are informed that the director has also planned a sequel to the film, your head starts aching while you walk away from the theatres.