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Janma Runna Marathi Movie Review: Sukanya Kulkarni Mone and Manoj Joshi’s reunion film is emotional and gripping

The film is directed and produced by Kaanchan Adhikari.



Sukanya Kulkarni Mone and Manoj Joshi in Janma Runna


Producer-Director: Kanchan Adhikari

Cast- Manoj Joshi, Mahesh Thakur, Sukanya Kulkarni Mone, Niharica Raizada, Sushant Shelar and R.K. Tushar

Platform of Release- Theatrical


By Jyothi Venkatesh

Inspired by a real-life incident that happened a few years ago in Maharashtra, this film showcases the causes and consequences of children who abandon their parents. Kanchan Adhikari has set out to weave a story of this kind which appeals to you instantly when you set out to watch the film.

At a time when a vast majority of the films which are made these days in  Marathi concentrate on  mundane issues like farmer’s suicides and daughter eloping with a vagabond bridegroom of her choice, Kanchan Adhikari has come up with a heart touching  emotional film which gnaws at your heart with its poignant theme of how the only son of an old couple sets out to cheat his parents of their hard earned money as well as property which, by the way, the parents have earmarked only for the same vagabond son in the first place.

With a well-knit screenplay and dialogues which boasts of clarity and real life, the film Janma Runna sets out to hold a mirror in front of your eyes and show how in an era where moral values have taken over a new turn and greed has overtaken every other human emotion, even children tend to cheat their own parents of their hard-earned money.

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As far as performances go, all I can say is that each and every act or in the film tucks in a very neat and emotional performance especially Manoj Joshi who plays the old patriarch and Sukanya Kulkarni Mone who plays his devoted wife. While veteran character artist Suashant Shelar wins over your heart with an amazingly well played character of the district collector with effortless ease.

Mahesh Thakur tucks in a small special appearance mouthing his lines in Hindi, while Niharica Raizada has hardly any role worth a mention. As the ungrateful heir to the couple and their property, R.K. Tushar impresses the viewer with his naïve looks.

To sum up, Janma Runna is a film which is bound to make you shed copious tears thanks to the restrained direction by Kanchan Adhikari even while you are watching the film in a theatre near you.